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Detangling Brush

Detangling Brush

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Sumilayi has designed a custom version of the popular Detangling hairbrush in a bold pink bubblegum shade, specifically designed to easily detangle curls while reducing hair fall.

The innovative shape of the brush allows each line of bristles to flex independently, resulting in less stress on the hair when brushing. This in turn leads to reduced hair loss and leaves full, supple curls. Best used on wet hair and brush from ends to roots.

  • Perfect for tangled hair
  • Trendy design offers a unique brushing experience
  • Reduces breakage



  • For best results, use the brush on wet hair.
  • Brush your hair in the shower: Using Sumilayi Ooh So Soft Curls Conditioner, part your hair and start brushing from ends to roots.
  • Brush without showering: Wet your hair, apply a small amount of Sumilayi Leave-in Conditioner and section your hair. Brush your hair from the ends to the roots.


Die besten Ergebnisse erzielst du, wenn du die Bürste auf nassem Haar verwendest.
Die Haare in der Dusche bürsten: Verwende den Sumilayi Ooh So Soft Curls Conditioner, teile dein Haar auf und beginne von den Enden bis zu den Wurzeln zu bürsten.
Bürsten ohne Duschen: Befeuchte deine Haare, verwende eine kleine Menge des Sumilayi Leave-in Conditioner und teile dein Haar auf. Bürste deine Haare von den Enden bis zu den Wurzeln.

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So easy!

This brush changed my whole hair routine. The product is applied more evenly,which makes the hair shiny and healthy looking at the end.