About us

"When I walked into a large hair care shop in the middle of Munich and asked about products for my curly hair, they showed me 3 products that had few, if any, natural ingredients. I want to change that and make curl products easily available. " 

Hi, my name is Katerina and I founded Curlsfriendly in early 2021 to provide curly girls with a wider range of natural haircare products. As a kid and teenager, I never knew what to do with my hair. It was so uncontrollable, extremely frizzy and always super dry. I use to brush it out and try to smooth it out in order to get some form in. My curls were completely gone by then.



My mom and I used the same mousse (of course with Silikones ;() because it was the only curly hair product in the store... until I slowly started experimenting with natural products in 2017. But I couldn't really find any products for curly hair. In 2019 I traveled through Asia with my current husband for 10 months. During that time, my hair became even more dry and damaged. Luckily I had my jar of coconut oil with me everywhere so I could do something good for my hair every now and then. I was determined that when we return to Germany I need to do something with this broom! 


So at the end of 2020 I went straight to a large hair care shop in the center of Munich and asked for products for my curly hair. They had 3 products for curls that had few, if any, natural ingredients...

The planning for Curlsfriendly started short after...



 was born out of the idea to supply you and many other women and men with cruelty-free natural cosmetics for curls, that do good to your natural hair. We strive to support small and medium-sized businesses around the world who consciously value clean ingredients and for whom customer care is written on their heart! Curlsfriendly also represents some new and unseen companies within Germany to bring you the best from all around the world. 
All current products on our website do not contain at least one of the following ingredients: 
    Without parabens                    
    Without silicones                       
      Without sulfates                          
      Without PEGs                         
 Without drying alcohols
The choice is yours!
All products are cruelty-free!
All because we believe that nature has the best in store for us! 
We are a small company based in Munich and look forward to a personal exchange with each and every one of you.  
 Write us! Give us feedback! What do you like and what can we improve?
We're just getting started. Stay tuned!